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FUNNY PEOPLE (14A) starts Friday JULY 31st

July 31, 2009


When seasoned comedian George Simmons learns of his terminal, inoperable health condition, his desire to form a genuine friendship cause him to take a relatively green performer under his wing as his opening act.(

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BRUNO (18A) starts friday JULY 24th

July 24, 2009


Borat trickster Sacha Baron Cohen returns to the big screen to offer yet another stinging dose of sociopolitical satire in this comedy that finds him assuming the persona of gay fashionmonger Bruno, the self-proclaimed “voice of Austrian youth TV.” Originally conceived as part of Cohen’s cult television series Da Ali G Show, the character of Bruno offered a cleverly costumed Cohen the opportunity to highlight the absurdities of the fashion industry by interviewing unsuspecting fashion icons and other haute couture hangers-on.

Comedy lightning strikes twice for mickey-take meister Sacha Baron Cohen when his gay Austrian fashionista runs amok in America. In this bargain-basement narcissus’ never-ending quest for “celebrity”, Bruno attempts to seduce a onetime presidential hopeful, adopts a black African baby and provokes a near riot at a caged boxing bout in Texas. Essential exposure of redneck prejudice skips hand in hand with elaborate candid camera-style con tricks. Borat buffs will know exactly what to expect. (

“BRUNO” (18A)
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July 1, 2009



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