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May 17, 2012

Bachir Lazhar, an Algerian immigrant, is hired to replace a primary school teacher who has suffered a tragic death. As the class embarks on a long healing process, nobody at the school suspects Bachir’s painful past, or that he fears being deported at any moment. Adapted from the play of the same title by Évelyne de la Chenelière.

Fri & Sat  9:10 PM
Sun 4:30 PM
Tue  7:00 PM
Wed & Thur 9:10 PM

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May 11, 2012

Fred Jones (Ewan McGregor), a fisheries expert and academic who works for the British government. When he’s approached by Harriet Chetwode-Talbot (Emily Blunt) with a plan to introduce salmon into the waterways of Yemen for the purpose of sport fishing, he laughs off the scheme, claiming it impossible. Harriet acts as the British representative of an amiable and benevolent sheikh (Amr Waked), who fulfills his love of fishing on frequent trips to his estate in the ruggedly gorgeous Scottish highlands. The sheik believes that fishing creates a spiritual connection between humans and nature, and feels that bringing the sport to his country would benefit the people.

Fri, Sat & Sun  7:00 PM
Tue 8:55 PM
Wed & Thur  7:00 PM

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AGH i♥filmseries presents ‘West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson ’ + ‘Winds of Heaven: Emily Carr, Carvers and the Spirits of the Forest’ MAY 12

May 4, 2012


Saturday, May 12
1:00 pm
West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson 
Directors: Michèle Hozer, Peter Raymont, 2012, Canada, 95 min. (NYR)
Westdale Theatre

London Film Festival Audience Award, Best Feature Film, Domestic Arrivals. Westwind is about Tom Thomson, one of Canada’s most beloved painters. On July 8, 1917, he paddled across Canoe Lake and disappeared. What is it about Tom Thomson’s life, art and death that haunt us still and propels his little sketches to the stratosphere of the Canadian Art market? West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson unravels many of the mysteries of this beloved artist.

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Saturday, May 12
4:00 pm
Winds of Heaven: Emily Carr, Carvers and the Spirits of the Forest 
Director: Michael Ostroff, 2010, Canada,
87 min. (NYR)
Westdale Theatre

Canadian Society of Cinematographers Robert Brooks Award for Documentary Cinematography. An impressionistic exploration of the spirit that informed the solitary life of one of Canada’s most celebrated painters. Emily Carr began painting in an era when women didn’t, at an age when most people shouldn’t; traveling to remote locations that few professional adventurers chose to go. Not only did she adopt the painting techniques of modernism, when such ideas were considered dangerous, Carr chronicled the extraordinary art and culture of the First Nations, who were invisible to the dominant culture.