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33 Responses to “Contact the Theatre”

  1. James Smilsky Says:

    Dear Jim: A request…”I AM”, a new documentary by Tom Shadyac. You must bring to Westdale asap…a sure thing. Thanks.

  2. Jennifer Jason-Leigh Says:

    Will you be showing the new film Shame, by any chance?

    • digi geoff Says:

      nothing confirmed but, possible since we are playing it in toronto at one of our other theatres and it may get transfered here after that.

  3. michaelbluth0961 Says:

    What’s playing on Valentine’s day? Is it still the Descendants?

  4. Tyler Burton Says:

    I was just wondering why The descendants has been playing so long? I absolutely love your theater, though I have only been there once. If there was other movies playing I would be there all the time

    • digi geoff Says:

      yeah we know it sucks. it’s complicated. the current film industry is not well suited for single screen theatres, combined with the shift to digital make things tricky. hopefully things will improve. the problem is that running the descendants since december IS financially viable for us, but not good for pleasing our repeat/core customers 😦

  5. Simon Kiss Says:

    Oh my god! A new film! I thought you were only ever going to show the Descendants!

  6. sjkiss Says:

    Whoops, Sorry, Geoff, I saw that you addressed this on Feb. 24th. Could you explain how the industry is not suited for single screen theatres? I’d be interested in more detail.
    Would the Westdale profit by alternating classic movies in between new ones?

  7. Tyler Burton Says:

    ooh, ok, Thanks for the reply. still a big fan!

  8. Jo Boudreau Says:

    …when is Moonrise Kingdom playing?

    on a side note…why is this information not available on your website?
    On that note…why don’t you have a website, FOR that information?

    • digi geoff Says:

      no confirmation to screen moonrise kingdom although we are trying.

      only confirmed screenings are listed on our websites.

  9. Tian Nie Says:

    Hello! I’m wondering what movies will be playing on September 30th, a Sunday. In particular, during lunch time (starting at 12:30 – 4 ish). Thank you! 🙂

  10. prasannaphys Says:

    Hi! a request to screen the interesting indie film, Save the date

  11. Jennifer Hompoth Says:

    Hello, Jim! Will Westdale be playing “56Up?” Seems like the type of film that would interest repeat customers and the Westdale community!

  12. Dawn Delio Says:

    What are the admission prices for Westdale?

  13. Valerie Swan Says:

    Hey, Westdale Theatre!
    Will you be playing Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’?

  14. Martin Starski Says:

    A couple of suggestions you might consider:


    and Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’

    Thank you & love to Hamilton’s only Art House Cinema !!

    • digi geoff Says:

      Thanks for the suggestions

      Belle might be a possibility

      but chances are Boyhood will be digital only, which unfortunately, would prevent us from screening the film

  15. martymalinowski Says:

    Hi there! Just wondering if you will be playing “End of the Tour” at some point in the future. I’m quite interested in seeing it but it seems it’s currently showing at one theatre in Toronto right now. Not sure if it’s slotted for a wider release or not.

  16. stephanie gabel Says:

    Is there somewhere I can view what the upcoming screenings will be? It would be nice to know a bit in advance what was being shown in April 2016. Thank you!

    • digi geoff Says:

      We only book week to week fyi – i.e. on Monday we set the programming for The upcoming Friday thru Thursday

  17. Kristina Epifano Says:

    If I’m wanting to get in contact with someone about possibly booking the theater for an event, who would I be best to contact
    Thank you!

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